Hi, I’m Jennifer!

jennifer-parsons-2016 I write speculative fiction and fairy tales, read books as part of the Geek Girls Book Club, and devour comic books and video games.

I’ll write in any genre and format that the story requires, though I have a special affinity for fairy tales and space opera. Occasionally, I’ll play with a bit of historical fiction.

My writing influences range from Laura Ingalls Wilder to Neil Gaiman to Ray Bradbury to the Grimm Brothers, though whether I wear any of those inspirations on my sleeve, I will leave for you to determine.

In addition to my own writing, I also edit, design, and generally handle most aspects of organizing Luna Station Quarterly, an online literary journal devoted to female speculative fiction writers. The Quarterly is the daughter publication of the small publishing company I run, Luna Station Press.

Outside of writing (and its close associate, reading), I’m a pixel slinger and code monkey, working with the underpinnings of the internet. I can also be found making things out of wool.