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New Release!

It’s been a little while since I’ve had a new release, and this one is pretty special. Though it has not been so long since it’s original release, there was just a bit more I had to say with this book and so, a second edition!

“A Stirring in the Bones” has a spiritual center, like all of the books I publish (yes, even the Wasted Series), but it also has plenty of action and adventure along side it.

This special second edition has been not only re-edited, but also includes a few bonus features. There you’ll find the origin of how our heroes met, a little more about the world they live in, plus a bonus short story about the distant past of a favorite character.

Also, the cover is kind of awesome, if I do say so myself:

final-cover copy

If you’re looking for the print version (which has a lovely back cover, too!) then you can find it on Amazon. Ebooks are on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, with more options coming in the future.

Thanks for supporting me and I hope you enjoy visiting with Elys and Learza. They’re good people, errr, beings.

Here are the links:

Amazon print edition

Amazon Kindle edition

Barnes & Noble Nook edition

The ebook editions are only $3.99!