Monthly Archives: December 2013

New book coming in February and I’m trying something fun…

I’m so excited to be preparing my next book. This one is kind of unique because it’s got an experimental format. Tons of tiny stories, interwoven to form a tapestry that gives a sense of depth to a larger world. I loved writing it and the packaging is going to be gorgeous.

As I’m getting ready to release it, I’m doing a fun experiment. It’s called “Pebbles of Stardust” and it’s a mailing list that will last through the release date. I’ll be sending out a little story every week to land in your inbox.

I’m excited to say there’s also a print version! I’ll be hand-binding copies of each little story and sending them via snail mail, so you can get something fun through the mail besides bills.

You can find out all the details and how to sign up here: Pebbles of Stardust, an experiment.

Did I mention there’s a coupon for the print edition, too? 🙂