Hi, I’m Jennifer!

jennifer-parsons-2016 I write speculative fiction and fairy tales and devour comic books and video games.

I’ll write in any genre and format that the story requires, though I have a special affinity for fairy tales and space opera. Occasionally, I’ll play with a bit of historical fiction.

My writing influences range from Laura Ingalls Wilder to Neil Gaiman to Ray Bradbury to the Grimm Brothers, though whether I wear any of those inspirations on my sleeve, I will leave for you to determine.

In addition to my own writing, I also run Luna Station Quarterly, an online literary journal devoted to female-identified speculative fiction writers. The Quarterly is the daughter publication of the small publishing company I run, Luna Station Press.

Outside of writing (and its close associate, reading), I’m a programmer working to make the internet more human-friendly. I can also be found making things out of wool, paper, and wood.