The Man Who Walked

This is a book plucked out of time. It has always been there. You have always known it. In your quiet moments. When the wind and the sky are just so. Tales (and a poem!) of old gods and older truths, of subtle adventure, of love and cooking and, of course, walking.

This is a book of memory, and it’s calling you home.

  • Genre: Fairy Tales
  • Print Length: 168 pages
  • Publication Date: May 2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-938697-64-7

Castles & Starships

“An improbable, non-linear romp through an imagined universe, as snappy as Kerouac’s drives with Dean Moriarty. All sci-fi should swing this much. Damn, I wish I wrote this book!” – Tara Lindsey, Author of The Esbat Sequence

Pious knights protect the pilgrim road, bandits hide in deserted corners of space, creatures more than human plot the downfall of the Orders, and the ordinary people do what they must to simply survive. And then there is the dark rumor of a ghost on Uitat, in a fortress long ago abandoned.
Moving through space and across timelines, the wandering nature of this volume invites you to explore a complex galaxy at war and to see it through the eyes of those that dwell there.

  • Genre: Space Fantasy
  • Print Length: 180
  • Publication Date: February 25, 2014
  • ISBN: 978-1-938697-42-5