Of Publications and Presses

It’s finally out there!

On June 1st, just a few days ago, I became a published author. Well, I have been published before, a few short stories have found their way from my hard drive to readers. This was a little different, though. My first novel is out in the world.

Of course, I’ll be posting links to it all and the cover art and such in a moment, but first I want to pause and talk about this experience.

I decided to start my own press after watching from the wings for a while as publishing began changing under our feet. So much is up in the air right now, just as in the music industry. The rise of the independent artist has been a boon to those of us who’s work doesn’t quite fit in with whatever the trend of the moment happens to be.

However, there is definitely a growing glut of people who are self-publishing without the quality controls that traditionally come with a gatekeeper publisher. I believe this is where the independent publishing house has a role to play.

By curating a more idiosyncratic experience combined with the low cost of ebook publishing startup, indies can take chances on work that doesn’t find a voice elsewhere, but while maintaining a more well-polished standard.

In other words, you still need to have professional, well-edited work with a slick package in order to make an impact. Then all that remains is the same dilemma every author on the planet is burdened with: you have to find the readers.

And so, I’m putting my work out there, as well as the work of others. It’s a quiet revolution, to be sure, but I’m proud to be a part of it.

So, without any further preamble, I give you “A Stirring in the Bones”:

You can find out all about it at Luna Station Press!