Slow and steady and I’ll lose the race…

So, my personal word count goal is 30k. If I can get that much done on this novel by the end of NaNo, I will be a happy camper.

I’m still working to find the story, to explore the characters, and to figure out how they’re all going to get from point a to point b. This is a good thing. It means I did nowhere near enough planning and I’m flying by the seat of my pants. That’s when the good stuff starts to happen.

Seems I work best when I only know the next one or two steps, but no further. Also helpful? Having three main protagonists. If I get bored or stuck with one, I can always jump to another. I think that was my problem with the last NaNo I did, I only had one main storyline going on and when I got stuck there was nothing to do but wait for the next bit to come to me.

But for now, I’ve written enough for today and I’m off to get some sleep.

3054 / 50000