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I write and read mostly speculative fiction and fairy tales. I believe wonder and awe are important to keeping dreams of a better tomorrow alive for everyone.

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Here you can find out about me and my latest news, learn a bit about the amazing projects I'm working on.

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Castles & Starships is out in the world!

Damn, I am really excited to put this book out. Smooth production from start to…

New book coming in February and I’m trying something fun…

I'm so excited to be preparing my next book. This one is kind of unique…

New Release!

It's been a little while since I've had a new release, and this one is…

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jennifer-parsons-2016A pixel-slinger and code monkey by trade, Jennifer Lyn Parsons is a life-long lover of story with a capital S. Her work has been seen in 365 Tomorrows, Dark Valentine Magazine, Eternal Haunted Summer, and The Shining Cities Anthology among others. She published her first novel in 2012. When not writing either code or fiction, she runs Luna Station Press and Quarterly, devours comic books, and sometimes makes things out of wool.