Hi, I’m Jennifer!

I write fantasy, soft sci-fi, and fairy tales, often with neurodiverse or queer characters. Occasionally, I’ll write stories set in our own world.

My writing influences range from Laura Ingalls Wilder to Neil Gaiman to Ray Bradbury to Jim Jarmusch, though whether I wear any of those inspirations on my sleeve, I will leave for you to determine.

In addition to working on my own writing, I also run Luna Station Quarterly, an online literary journal devoted to female-identified speculative fiction writers. The Quarterly is the daughter publication of the small publishing company I run, Luna Station Press.

Outside of writing (and its close associate, reading), I’m a software engineer working to make the internet more human-friendly. I can also be found devouring comic books and video games, watching baseball, listening to music, and making things out of wool, paper, and wood.